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is an independent record label that caters to all

genres of music.  Vinyl Mama Records is dedicated to exposing up and coming talent in a professional relationship between artist and label.  Vinyl Mama Records helps artists achieve their goal of putting their music on vinyl.  With over 30 years experience in the record business Vinyl Mama Records label has the connections, know how and capability to make your vinyl project a success.  Should your band meet Vinyl Mama Records criteria, Vinyl Mama Records will do whatever it takes to provide you with a top quality product from standard black vinyl to a custom one of a kind release piece.  Vinyl Mama Records goal is to create a great relationship between musicians, the label and distributors so that every release is a win, win situation.

Vinyl Mama Records works with other labels to help musicians acquire the exposure and format they deserve.  So if you are an independent record label looking to partner up on a project, contact Vinyl Mama Records to see if your project is something that we would be interested in or meets our criteria.
Vinyl Mama Records offers all different terms and conditions that are to the satisfaction of the artist and the label.  Vinyl Mama Records is here to help with P & Ds, distribution, online store and more.  

Swing Kids
All Leather
Vinyl Mama Records is looking for talented and established bands.  If you are interested in becoming a Vinyl Mama Records artist please e-mail Vinyl Mama Records to receive a criteria sheet to see if your group meets Vinyl Mama Records artist criteria.
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